If you have received a UDRP Complaint and need to respond to the Complaint, Envision IP can analyze your situation and help you draft a strong response to such a Complaint. We are familiar with UDRP holdings (both in favor of and against respondents), and can use this knowledge to find an efficient and effective strategy to handle the Complaint.Whatever the motive for the Complaint being filed against you, UDRPro can help you understand your options and explore the possibility of drafting a response or taking other remedial actions. If you have received a UDRP Complaint, we suggest that you contact us as soon as possible, as there is a short window of time within which to respond to the Complaint. 

We will quote you a not-to-exceed price for the entire matter, from consultation, response drafting, reply drafting, and filing fees, as well as counseling on strategic options to minimize your risk of transfer.

You have worked hard to develop a domain name portfolio, let us protect you in the face of unwarranted and harassing domain name challenges.

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