If you have discovered an offending party against whom you would like to file a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution (UDRP) Complaint, we can assist you in drafting and filing such a Complaint. If your online presence and branding is a key component of your business, or perhaps the only component, violations of the UDRP policy can be severely damaging to your bottom line, as visitors may be misled, confused, or steered away from your company.

We understand that our clients have invested significant time, money and effort into building value in the recognition of their names and marks; and the last thing that they want is for someone to improperly take advantage or benefit from those investments. Envision IP can help you decide if the UDRP is a favorable option for your case; and if you choose this option, we can draft and file a persuasive UDRP complaint on your behalf and seek to obtain the domain name that infringes on your name and mark.

We have experience with domain disputes for gTLDs, as well as alternative dispute resolution procedures for various ccTLDs.

Fixed Fee UDRP Service

Our up-front fixed fee structure ensures that you will never pay more than you expect. We do not have complicated hourly billing rates. Traditional law firms and trademark attorneys routinely charge upwards of $15,000.00 USD just to prepare a complaint or response. You must then pay costly hourly fees for any additional work required for your matter. Our fixed prices include all of the Arbitration Fees required by NAF, CAC, or NAF.  We will quote you a not-to-exceed price for the entire matter, from consultation, complaint drafting, reply drafting, filing fees, as well as coordination of transfers with the concerned registrars. Our service is end-to-end, and we keep working until the domain name has been securely transferred into your registrar account.

Contingency Fee Option

In certain cases, Envision IP offers customers a contingency fee option. In these cases, you pay nothing up front, and if we win your domain dispute, then you pay us a negotiated flat fee. If we lose your case, then you owe us nothing, not even the Arbitration Fee. Not all cases will qualify for the contingency fee option. However, if we determine that you have a particularly strong case, then this option will be available. We do require that you transfer the funds to a third-party escrow service pending a final determination of your domain name dispute.

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